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Dave and Kym


FB Holden, VE 60th Anniversary Sportwagon,

Cars Previously Owned:

TD Gemini, Datsun 1200 wagon(Kyms), FB Holden, XY Fairmont, WB ute

If you Could have any two cars, what would they be:

HK GTS Monaro (absolute dream car for both of us), already got the FB

When and how did you get involved with cars:

With the both of us, our older brothers were into cars and we just followed suit

How often do you drive your cars:

Commodores everyday, FB we like to get out at least once a week depending on weather

Best Place to Cruise:

Any where as long as the sun is shining and theres things to see.

First Car you ever owned:

Datsun 1200 wagon (Kym), TD Gemini (Dave, which I had for a total of about 3 months before thrashing it to death)

Favourite Car Movie:

Gone in 60 Seconds, Mad Max, Cars, Running on Empty

Favourite Motoring Personality:

Peter Brock (RIP), Barry Sheene (RIP), Craig Lowndes, Top Gear crew, The STIG

Current and/or Next Project:

Next project is a garage to put it all in !!!! Kym wants an FB wagon so I guess that is the next thing on the drawing board, unless we stumble across a Monaro for next to nothing.



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